The Wishlist

Help your special someone pick a gift that will really make you BLUSH!
Just pust it on your Blush Bridal Wishlists!

Its simple, just create or log in to your account at the top of the page. Customers who are not logged in to accounts will still see the Add to Wishlist button, but will be taken to the Sign In or Create an Account page if they attempt to add an item to a wishlist. Once signed in, follow these steps to create one or more wishlists.


1. Click My Account. Generally this link is located in the top menu of the store.
2. Click Wish Lists, then click the Create Wish List button.  
3. Enter a Name for the wishlist. If you’d like to be able to share your wishlist with a link, select I want to be able to share this wish list.
4. Save your wishlist. There is no limit to the number of wishlists a customer can create.

Adding Products to Wishlists

To add products to their wishlists, your customers start by navigating to any individual product page. Products cannot be added to wishlists from category or quickview pages.

1. While on an individual product page, click the Add to Wishlist button. For some themes this button has a heart iconon it, while others have text.

Heart Symbol Example:


2. Select which wishlist to add the product to, then click Add to Wishlist. You will be taken to your wish list page in the My Account area.

Managing Wishlists

To manage existing wishlists, begin by going to My Account, then click Wish Lists in the Manage Your Account menu. The wishlists you have created will be shown on the page.




1. Edit — Allows you to update the Wishlist Name and whether or not the list can be shared.
2. Delete — Allows you to delete an existing wishlist. If clicked, a pop-up window will appear, confirming that you want to delete the wishlist.
3. Share — Displays a wishlist's share URL, which can be sent to anyone you'd like to have view the wishlist. This icon will only appear for wishlists with sharing enabled.

Now you are ready to share your wishlist!