Love your Minimergency® Kit, but wish you could refill it? Get more Pinch per inch with Minimergency Refill Sets by Pinch Provisions. Each 52-piece set contains a Minimergency Kit plus dozens of refill items to replenish what you use, as you use it. Choose from three monograms with a twist: OMG in neon red patent; WTF in teal patent; and BFF in plum patent.

Contains 52 Essential Items: 1 breath freshener, 1 lip balm, 3 single-use dental floss, 1 hairspray, 4 clear elastics, 1 clear nail polish, 3 nail polish remover pads, 1 emery board, 3 stain removing towelettes, 2 mending kits, 2 safety pins, 4 earring backs, 15 Shemergency® tape strips, 3 deodorant towelettes, 3 adhesive bandages, 2 doses of pain reliever, 2 regular tampons, and 1 Minimergency bag

*Bags only available in monograms shown: WTF, OMG and BFF. We do not offer custom monograms at this time.

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